Selected Writing

Anekāntvād: The Ancient Wisdom of an Open Mind
The Anekāntvād elephant

Worthy Five: Recommendations by Menka Sanghvi
Guest contribution to Dense Discovery (Jan 2022)

Mindfulness-Based Programs: Why, When, and How to Adapt
Co-author: Global Advances in Health and Medicine (Dec 2021)

How Imagination Helps Me See More Clearly
My contribution to the launch of Imagination Zine (Oct 2021)

Anekāntvād: The Ancient Wisdom of an Open Mind
About the manyness of reality, and Gandhi. Just Looking (Sep 2021)

Why am I seeing this? On algorithms making choices for us.
Responding to an essay “Mindfulness: developing agency in urgent times”
The Mindfulness Initiative (July, 2021)
Here is a recording of my talk on the subject (starts at 11min 30sec)

The Fast Layers Innovate, The Slow Layers Stabilise
My Twitter thread on long-term systems thinking (May 2021)

How We Spend Our Days
The impact of digital technology on our wellbeing
Young Jains UK Magazine (Dec 2019)

Fieldbook for Mindfulness Innovators
A unique resource for supporting innovation in the mindfulness sector
The Mindfulness Initiative (Sep 2019)
Paperback available for puchase: Amazon, Wordery, Waterstones etc.

Parenting as a Design Challenge
My first (brief) thought on the responsibility of parents (Feb 2019)

Why Do We Hate Waiting?
Reflections on waiting around in hospitals (Jan 2019)

On Noticing Strangers
Just Looking (June, 2018)

Wabi-Sabi In Photography
Just Looking (March, 2018)

Making Strangers With The World
Just Looking (Dec, 2017)

The Man Who Pointed His Camera At Nothing For 100 Hours
Just Looking (Oct, 2017)

Why We See The Clouds But Miss The Sky
Just Looking (Sep, 2017)

World Toilet Day: Tackling Global Challenges
World Humanitarian Summit (Jan 2017)

Innovation for International Development
Contributor: NESTA Publication (April 2016)

The State of Resilience (click to download)
An overview of resilience innovations in the UK after the flooding in 2012.
Contributor: Reos Partners (Nov 2013)

The Social Innovation Process
International Journal of Technology Management (Dec 2010)

Microcredit, Poverty and the Environment (click to download)
A case study of a community in Thailand, published while working with the UNDP (June, 2005)

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